Insurance swindle claims not guilty in the court

An owner of a garage who has been accused of hatching a crash-for-cash sham informed the jury that he was not dishonest. He emphasised his point by stating that he has been in this business of motor repairing for almost 3 years and had hardly been in trouble with the police. Mohammed Rashid who owns Autotransform, informed the court that he would never support a dishonest insurance claim of any individual. He pleaded innocence and stated that he was never in company with anyone and never conspired to defraud Motor Insurance companies and tried to acquire property in dishonest terms. Sarah Lowther, Rashid’s partner also pleaded not guilty in a separate incident involving fraud against Equity Insurance Group.

Rashid had started his humble business at Rylstone Street before moving on to Bradford Street where he set up Autotransform. He became a specialist in repairing cars damaged in various accidents. He had customers completing a simple damage claim form and referred them to a lawyer. He also states that he did not influence Peter Bourroughs into getting involved in a scam. While dealing with this case, the police have issued notices to other involved in the fraud. He also denied being in the city on 12th January when he was shown a film where several people were involved in a car shunt after midnight. The prosecution lawyer said that Rasihd has a lot of influential connections. Three prosecution witnesses also did not show up during the trial and another two fled the country even before the trial began.

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