Insure your Home against garden thieves this March

People and especially those over 50 who are garden enthusiasts are excited about the fact that the clocks would be going forward this weekend and they would have extra hour of daylight to spend in their gardens. Gardening is one of the most favourite pastimes of the people in the UK. However, Saga home insurance is advising the people of the UK to protect their garden equipments against thieves. Saga Home Insurance reveals that their experience has shown that March is the one of the popular months for garden thieves and therefore garden enthusiasts need to be extra careful during this time.

The Home Insurance claims increase during this time of the year. Saga also states that the average cost of replacing stolen equipments from gardens is £378, which is almost the average cost of flood and storm damage. They are therefore asking people to insure garden equipments under home insurance contents.

Not only Saga, but Halifax home insurance has issued a similar warning to its customers. According to their latest figures, garden theft increased by 63% in March last year.  Martyn Foulds, senior claims manager of Halifax said that it is easy to forget the worth of the items left outside the home! It is therefore best for people to check their home insurance policy to see if it covers theft from gardens.

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