Insurefor offers Comprehensive Travel Insurance Policy

Travel insurance policy has come a long way and now Insurefor’s new Travel Insurance policy provides you with all the more reason to have a policy when you are on the move. The latest policy from Insurefor will protect people from strikes, plane hijacks, and even redundancy. Insurefor is claiming its new policy as the most comprehensive travel insurance policy.

Clients are entitled to a cover of up to £5,000 in case the policyholder is made redundant, £5,000 if the travel operators announce a strike, and £50 per day in the event of a plane hijack. The policy also covers for other misfortunes like floods, fire or earthquakes. The policy also has a cover of up to £2,000 of personal luggage claims, supplier failure, emergency medical treatment, luggage delays and missed flights.

Policies begin at £7.19, for a seven night single trip in the EU Antony Martin, MD of Insurefor said that one should not be tempted for cheap insurance policy that covers only the basic elements.

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