Kwik Fit Insurance advises Britons to adequate Travel Insurance Cover

A friendly advice has come from Kwik Fit Insurance to Britons who wish to take a holiday in the UK. They have advised all travellers to take adequate Travel Insurance cover when travelling in the UK. With recession here to stay for sometime, many have either cut down on their travel plans or are travelling without adequate cover.

Kwik Fit Insurance MD Brendan Devine commented that it is equally expensive and harassing to lose or misplace luggage or cancel last minute plans in Scotland as elsewhere. In a summer insurance survey conducted by the insurance company on how consumers are spending during the economic meltdown, almost 20% confessed that that they had been on a holiday without insurance and half of them said that they would still go on a holiday in spite of the economic challenges.

However, people have become more responsible and 83% of the respondents say that they would not be on debts in order to go on a holiday. If you are planning a trip to the Channel Islands you must be careful as insurance arrangements have changed and you have to make your own arrangements in case you fall ill or you lose your luggage.

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