Need for Breakdown Cover in Wintry Weather

With snow wreaking havoc in the whole of Britain last week, the importance for breakdown cover has become one of the top in the priority list for most motorists. Though warnings were issued to motorists about the wintry weather, many still neglected the need for adequate Breakdown Cover for their cars. Even though people preferred staying at home, breakdown claims were almost 50% higher than normal last Monday, according to reports published by the AA.

Many were not even servicing their cars regularly because of credit crunch while some were still driving their older cars because they did not want to invest in a new one. Breakdown cover for such people was much more than others. Some motorists, who do take breakdown cover and invest only £10 a year, may not be of any help especially in such weather conditions.

The cheapest policy costs around £30 a year which provides only roadside help but for additional parts you need to pay more. Andy Leadbetter, managing director of insurance at moneysupermarket states that motorists need to check their policy before purchasing and verify its details. He suggests that most people should take breakdown cover that will offer them cover if cars break down at home especially during the wintry weather. Breakdown cover is a complex field and many things are not provided within a standard breakdown cover.

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