New Policy to Benefit Young Families

Do you remain worried when travelling with your family and young children? Do you feel you do not have adequate insurance cover while travelling abroad? Here is some good news for young families travelling abroad. A new travel insurance policy launched by Tinytotsaway will give parents and family maximum travel protection when going on a holiday.

The policy, which costs £48.82, is the best for young families where children are not only covered for free but you are not required to pay for excesses or claims for injury and illness for children. This is a multi-trip Annual Travel Insurance policy, which has two levels of cover. The standard policy covers European destinations while the premier policy covers all worldwide destinations. The policies also include 17 days of cover for winter sports on and off piste.

The policy also offers a lot of flexibility. Single parent families can add grandparents or nannies with a minimal fee. You are also entitled to a 24-hour medical emergency help line and avail services of an English speaking doctor. The help line is adequately informed to help you visit the nearest hospital with paediatric facilities anywhere around the world. Other benefits include additional cover to take on an alternative buggy if theirs is damaged in transit, special conditions for disabled children and a booklet on tips on flying with babies, advise on what to carry, how to get an EHIC card and how it can be used.

Sandra Smith, founder of Tinytotsaway, commented that most travel insurance policies are often vague in terms and conditions and as a result most families are mislead. Some even travel without cover hoping that the British Government will bail them out. She asserts that their insurance cover will keep their children safe and offers parents with assurance that no matter what happens their family would be looked after in a foreign land.

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