NUS asks for Extra Tax from University Students

The National Union of Students has commented that graduates who have been to the university should pay extra tax in order to contribute towards the cost of higher education. Currently, when a student attends a university, Student Loans Company pays for all the fees and living costs which means university is largely free for most students. Loan repayments aren’t a hassle either as they are taken as a payroll deduction like income tax and national insurance. A graduate with minimum income pays little in terms of repayment and if anything is left after 25 years, it is forgiven.

Therefore loans are insurance in itself and protects graduates who are unable to do well financially after earning their degree. Thus university education for most students is free and successful graduates have income-related payroll deduction. The government should be appreciated for this system but at the same time excoriated for its inability to publicize the system. Though many support the NUS proposal, but the whole debate is whether graduates should pay extra tax for life no matter what their cost of higher education is?

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