Over 65 Travel Insurance

Are you over 65 and want to still travel and explore around the world? Then what is stopping you – travel hiccups, travel insurance policies for your age or funding? To fund your adventure tours, one way is renting or mortgaging your property. However, you have to be extra careful while letting out your property and ensure that you have all the paperwork in place. It is best to take professional help unless you have family or friends helping you out with letting out your property. Personal pension is another way of funding your travel expenses.

Even with all the funding, getting appropriate Travel Insurance, especially if you are above 70 is slightly hard. Most travel insurance service caters to individuals only up to 74 years. So, even if you think life begins at 40 and it should not end at 74, others out there might differ. The main reason for this being insurance companies feel that older people are more likely to claim for damages. However, premiums for travel insurance also increase for older travellers.

The recommended minimum amount of cover when you take travel insurance especially if you are above 65 should be £2,000,000 for medical, £1,000,000 for personal liability, £3,000 for cancellation and £1,500 for baggage. Some of the important insurance providers like Saga, Marks and Spencer, Direct Line and Age Concern have no upper age limit for their policies. Providers like Churchill, and Bradford Bingley have the upper age limit as 99 and 85 respectively. However, as stated earlier the expense for older travellers is much more than those under 65. According to a research, an individual under 65 has to shell out £15 for a single trip policy to the USA, while those over 65; the minimum that they have to shell out is £90.69 for the same.

A thorough health screening is done to determine pre-existing medical conditions and only after the check up will you get to know if the cover is available and the cost of the policy. So, no need for worry, if you are above 65. There are still plenty of travel insurance policies for you but yes you have to search for the cheapest one. But again a word of caution. Read between the lines to learn what you are getting for your money

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