Pet Insurance Essential for Advertisement Costs

Pet insurance not only helps you to cover the vet bills and medical expenses of your pet but also supports you in case your pet goes missing. According to Saga, the Pet Insurance provider, nearly one third pet owners have lost their favourite dog or cat and more than one out of ten have not been able to get back their missing pet.

Saga chief executive Andrew Goodsell said that it is extremely sad and heartbreaking for an owner to lose a pet and unable to trace him or her. In such cases generating awareness and informing the local people about the missing pet becomes very crucial. Most owners advertise the loss of their missing pet in leaflets or with an advert in the newspaper.

Advertising can be expensive as in most cases you need to do it for more than once. Saga therefore advises people to opt for a pet insurance that covers advertisement costs as well. Saga’s pet insurance cover offers £1,000 for advertisement costs.

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