Pet Insurance Over Health Insurance

Did you ever think that insuring your dogs, cats, or your fish is almost two times as popular as private medical insurance in the UK? It might sound a bit strange but then in a recent survey it showed that as many as 23 % of pets in the UK were insured where as a meagre 12.2 % of the population in the UK acquired private medical insurance.

The love for animals for the people of UK is evident from this fact the number of domestic animals insured is second only to that of Sweden. However, many Pet Insurance providers aren’t surprised by this as they believe that traditionally Brits are a lover of animals.

Tesco is the second largest pet insurer in the UK and they continuously strive to think if better ways and means to make pet insurance attractive and affordable to the people. Today the number of celebrity dog owners has increased and the common man has been influenced by the kind of pets they own. The demand for small, pedigree dogs has shot up in the recent years and so has the demand for pet insurance. The cost for taking care of a pedigree animal is expensive than a cross breed one. For a small pedigree dog claims for cardiac disease can amount to thousands of pounds.

Most of the pet insurance policies are covered or accidents, important diseases and infections like eye and ear infection, digestive disorders, diabetes and arthritis. In most cases premiums are based upon the age and breed of he dog. However, pet insurance does not cover pre-existing medical conditions.

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