Pet Insurance RSPCA Week

Fairinvestment advised pet lovers not to forget the RSPCA Week starting April 27 to March 3rd. A research conducted for Fairinvestment in August 2008 showed that only 25 per cent of pet owners have pet insurance policies in place and almost 75 per cent of pets are left at risk.

With the decline in economy Brits are making cutbacks in several things. Latest research from the Sainsburys Pet Insurance showed that almost two million pet owners have sacrificed their pet insurance. This is the reason why RSPCA Week began and Fairinvestment has been urging pet owners to opt for pet insurance as it would be of a great help to them and their pets in the long run.

Latest statistics from RSPCA reveal that almost 50 per cent of UK pets will need medical treatment this year which will come to an average cost of £220. So if you have pet insurance this cost could be easily covered and you will not be left with unexpected and impractical costs given the current financial climate.

Sharon Bratley, chartered financial planner at Fairinvestment said that pet insurance can cost you only £5 a month, which is hardly anything compared to the average treatment of £220.

Though your first priority should be taking care of essentials like paying your mortgage, sacrificing your pet insurance could signal false economy. This would actually make you pay more out of your pocket than if your pet actually fell ill.

RSPCA week is designed to increase awareness of animals in need, and pet insurance like RSPCA pet insurance could save some pets and prevent them from going without expensive treatment.

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