Pet Names Trigger Car Insurance Sales

Pet names have triggered importance of car insurance.

It is not an unknown fact that most motorists develop a special bonding, a kind of extreme fondness for their cars. The most important reason for this unusual bonding being the amount of time they are spending with their cars. According to a survey by a popular Car Insurance company, for these people the car just does not mean a mode of transport or a tonne of glass and metal. It holds much more significance in their lives and as many as two per cent of car owners have agreed that their precious vehicle is of utmost importance in their lives.

Car insurance is crucial for all car owners but it stands a greater significance for all those who have an affair with their cars in case of an accident. The research also showed that more than half of the population of car owners have an emotional bonding with their cars and a third of that population have gone on to name their cars as well! More than 38 per cent of women have admitted in naming their cars while men are not too far behind. Almost a quarter of them have given a pet name to their cars.

Cars for some reason are more commonly given female names like Baby, Betty or Betsy. Some have even taken a step forward in giving some weird names like Einstein, Sadie Frost, Fizzy Pop or Beastie. Love for cars is a welcome sign especially for car insurance companies as it encourages more and more people to get insurance for their precious possessions. As a result, in the last year insurance premiums have shot up by six per cent.
With spiralling fuel costs and car tax without this emotional bonding, many car owners would have otherwise abandoned their cars!

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