Pet Poisoning on the Rise

Pet lovers have experienced an increase of 34% of poisoning of their pets this year according to a recent research conducted by M&S pet insurance. The main reason for pet poisoning is nicotine. This is because even though pet owners have given up smoking, their pets especially dogs and cats chew nicotine patches and gums mistaking them for toys and other chewing items. A senior vet nurse is extremely worried at the rapid increase of nicotine poisoning among pets. Nicotine poisoning is very harmful and therefore it is best to prevent such poisoning than curing it at a later stage. Remember to keep nicotine patches, gums and cigarettes away from pets as you do in case for children. Ashtrays should also be kept at a distance. Anyway, even after precaution if you find your pets behaving in an abnormal manner like suffering from depression, tremors or vomiting, the take your pet to the nearest vet without much delay.

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