Pets Denied Treatment Because of Rising Costs

The latest research by Sainsbury Finance shows that most cats and dogs are being refused medical treatment simply because treatment has become expensive and owners can’t meet the growing expense. Some sad but true facts highlighted by Sainsbury Finance are:

•    1.4 million individuals claim to have denied treatment to their cats over the last five years because of the huge costs

•    1.26 million owners of dogs have done the same because of they can’t afford treatment

•    In comparison to East Midlands 2 per cent owners who have refused treatment to cat or dog, 22% pet owners in East of England have done the same

•    Individuals in the age group of 18 to 24 years have denied treatment to their cats and dogs because they cannot afford it.

This research by Sainsbury Finance only highlights the need for Pet Insurance so that cats and dogs can be given medical attention in times of need. Sainsbury Finance also points out that the situation is worse than ever before mainly because of the current financial crisis and rising costs of vet bills. So Sainsbury Finance’s Pet Insurance Manager suggests that in order to avoid such a situation the best thing that a pet owner can do is invest in a good pet insurance policy. However, one must do extensive research work before investing in a policy and shop around for the best one. One should not opt for a policy where vet fees are less then £3,000. A good quality pet insurance is not one which is expensive but one which covers necessary treatment for your pet.

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