Quit Smoking to Enjoy Cheaper Life Insurance Premiums

Come 11 March, No Smoking Day and if you pledge to give up smoking on that day you would be rewarded by cheaper Life Insurance premiums, says Asda Life. Not only will health of people improve if they quit smoking but they can also find premiums of insurance cover for critical illness drop by almost 50% explains Asda Life.

However, the company added that a person would only be considered a non-smoker after a year has passed and the age of the person would also be taken into consideration while calculating the premium.

Senior policy adviser Matt Morris of Asda Life asked people to ensure that they have a new policy in hand before rejecting the old one as you can be in for surprises if your health has changed. No Smoking Day is being observed in the UK since 1983 but this time there are more reasons to quit smoking than previous years.

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