Sacrificing Travel Insurance for Domestic Holidays may Prove Costly

A recent research by World First reveals that almost 80 per cent pf the Brits do not take a Travel Insurance especially when they are going for domestic holidays. Domestic holiday traffic is expected to increase sharply by almost 30 per cent this summer according to Continental Research statistics.

World First advises travellers to at least opt for cancellation cover because in the UK one can face severe losses if the holiday is cancelled. Most hotels in the UK charge two thirds of the holiday cost if the holiday is cancelled. Most holiday and camping parks charge a full 100 per cent in case of cancellation.

Martin Rothwell, managing partner, World First Travel Insurance suggests consumers to take travel insurance no matter wherever they are travelling. However, a significant number of people do not take enough insurance cover if they are travelling within the country. At a time when people are spending judiciously, protection becomes all the more important. There could major cost implication even on a domestic holiday which many travellers fail to realize.

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