Saga advises 50 year old Homeowners to Check Home Insurance Papers

High levels of robbery are experienced by people in June especially in the age group of 50. It is therefore important for such homeowners to check their Home Insurance policy and keep it up to date.

Latest findings from financial services provider Saga Home Insurance suggest that over the last ten years, June has reported the maximum number of robbery in the houses of this age group and especially June 6 is the worst day in terms of burglary.

The possible reason for this is that homeowners usually go on a vaction during the summer months and vacate their house. The burglers find this as the right opportunity for robbery.

Andrew Goodsell from Saga Group therfore advises homeowners to check their insurance policy and ensure the safety of their property.

A recent survey from Halifax reveals that one in seven homeowners in the UK feels “more at risk of burglary” because of economic meltdown.

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