Sainsburys Home Insurance Reduces Home Insurance Premium

Good news for Sainsbury’s home insurance customers as they are offering a 25% off on its home insurance customers as it understands that the cost of running a home has increased in recent years. Sainsbury’s Home Insurance did an individual study and found out that the average cost of mortgage repayments, bills, and household outgoings is around £11,455 a year which is actually 2.6% more than running a house some two years ago.

Though mortgage payments have dipped marginally, electricity and gas prices have increased sharply by almost 60% while council tax bills increased by seven per cent. Sainsbury’s Home Insurance manager, Joanne Mallon said that as homeowners we spend thousands of pounds every year on decorating our homes and yet most of the people risk their beautiful home by cutting down on home insurance policies.

A quality home insurance need not be always expensive. Customers of Sainsbury’s home insurance can grab the opportunity of this 25 per cent discount and enjoy a further five per cent discount if purchased online.

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