Zero, is the only credit card that offers a feeless foreign card that can be used anywhere around the globe. The idea of releasing this Credit Card originated from the fact that a lot of Brits (using Santander cards) going on a holiday are planning to sharply watch their budget this time. Out of 5 Brits, 4 of them definitely want to make a trip. Ten million people intend to decrease their holiday expenditure.

Some statistics had it that the biggest cut back was on eating out, some 54% claimed they would want to refrain from this luxury while 46% claimed to cut down their money spending. The remaining 40% wanted to cut down expenses involving their accommodation.

Its director, Mr. Callum Gibbson, said that Britons could make their cash go further when they are abroad by paying in local currency thus avoiding a charismatic currency fee just for converting their purchase to an excellent thing. He also added that this credit card does not charge any fee for the conversion of transactions that were made in foreign currency.  He also maintained that the customers did not have to indulge in paying extra fee for a cash advance while holidaying.

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