Take Insurance Cover before Skiing off

According to the AA, three hundred thousand people injure and get severely hurt every year while on a skiing holiday. If by mistake you injure yourself without valid insurance cover then the cost of treatment is extremely high and getting your injured friend or family member back home is equally expensive.

Director of AA Travel Insurance, Christian Young states that just getting a skier off the Alpine slope can cost around £10,000. So he advises travellers especially those on adventure tourism or skiing should not leave their homes without insurance.

The AA gives some useful tips to the people of the UK travelling this season:

•    Never opt for skiing without insurance

Medical help abroad can be very expensive and though you may have European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), it is valid only in some countries. You may get some free emergency treatment through the card, but it is very limited.

•    Check the expiry of the EHIC card because an expired EHIC card will not provide you even with the basic medical care.

•    Tour operator insurance cover

If you are travelling with arrangements made by a tour operator you must not immediately sign the insurance policy which it provides. You can expect cheaper and better policies elsewhere. Ensure that your policy covers winter sports.

•    Read the small print

Always remember to read the fine print before signing the insurance papers. Many insurance policies do not cover sports like ski class races, tobogganing, dog-sledding snowboarding, and mountain trekking. Most policies also do not pay for hired equipments if flight is delayed. You can have your insurer add extra amount for comprehensive protection for lift pass. You must ensure that your provider offers you baggage cover since if your baggage arrives late, then you lose time for skiing and cost you several pounds.

It is better to opt for comprehensive policies offered by Ski Club of Great Britain or by the British Activity Holiday Insurance Services.

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