Take your Pet to the Vet Regularly to keep Insurance Premiums Low

M&S Money and Bestpet Pharmacy advises pet owners to get their pets regularly checked by a vet to help them keep Pet Insurance premiums low. A checkup by the vet will not only keep your pet healthy but will also ensure that expensive operations are not required immediately. An example of flea infection provided by M&S Money shows that a single treatment costs about £4 but a bill to treat a serious problem reached £2,000.

More significantly, if you do not have your pet vaccinated, no policy, no matter how good it might be, could help you in treating the disease which could have been prevented by vaccination. Bestpet Pharmacy founder John Darlington stresses the fact that no matter how well your pet could be insured, you need to take the pet for regular checkups to avoid emergency or fatal disease in the future. Worming and flea treatment can prevent your pet from infestation which is on the rise at this time of the year. The Association of British Insurers said that taking out a pet insurance is indeed a smart thing to do.

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