Time for Business Owners to Have Business Insurance in Place

Britain experienced the worst snowfall in 20 years and business insurer Direct Line for Business is asking business owners to make sure that their customers do not slip and fall within business premises and get injured. In such a situation if a customer falls and severely injures himself and if the owner has not taken appropriate measures to clear the ice or placed warning signs, then he or she could be liable if claims are made.

Businesses should take care and decrease chances of any mishap in such conditions. Head of Direct Line for Business, Kate Syred says that the recent weather conditions have only highlighted the need of Business Insurance for business owners so that they can reduce their liability in case of any accident and injury to staff and customers within their premises because of ice and slippery zones. Though employers’ liability insurance is compulsory for business owners, public liability is not a necessity.

Direct Line suggests the following tips in order to ease the risks:

•    Clear the walkway from any ice if employees and customers use the walkway frequently. As a business owner you could be liable even if a pedestrian walks across the forecourt and slips.

•    Remember to mop wet floors or place warning signs notifying people of possible dangers. Keep warning signs even after mopping as the floor could still be slippery.

•    Falling from roofs and snow melting can also be dangerous. Though nobody can remove ice from the roof, you can cordon off the area and place appropriate warning signs around the area.

•    Employees should also be aware of potential dangers even if the business owner is not within the premises.

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