Travel Insurance Claims are on the Rise

It has been revealed that travel insurance firms are expected to witness an increase in the number of claims in the coming months. The law firm Travelaw states that insurers may expect a rise in Travel Insurance claims and according to the managing partner of the firm, Stephen Mason, travel insurance firms have already started witnessing the number of claims over the winter.

The firms are warned that with the current recession more holidaymakers would ensure that they get what they have paid for. Though travel companies are facing more claims, they have lesser staff to deal with the claims.

Perry Wilson, founder of InsureandGo stated that claims have already increased by 50% in the travel industry. A survey has revealed that medical claims has increased by almost 58% and claims for lost luggage and flight cancellations are also on the rise. Wilson also commented that the increase in claims in tough times only shows that adequate travel insurance has become important.

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