Travellers Opting for Single-Trip Insurance and Redundancy Cover

Credit crunch and financial crisis has prompted Brits to change their holiday trends and Travel Insurance habits as well. EssentialTravel reveals that in today’s changed scenario, Brits are more concerned about redundancy cover and therefore more and more people are opting for single-trip holiday insurance than a multiple one.

According to EssentialTravel more than 60% of the people made email and telephone queries since last November on the conditions of being covered in case they lose their jobs. There has been a 70% increase of last minute bookings by travellers with single-trip insurance, a trend described by EssentialTravel as “short-termism”.

Stuart Benson of EssentialTravel states that traveller are waiting for last minute attractive deals for holidays as one can expect to get good bargains online. While in recent years people were generally making two long-term holidays and a few short terms in between, with the current financial trend, people are mostly opting for ‘short-termism’.

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