Travelling without Insurance

A research by American Express states that almost half of the Brits are saving money by cutting back on some important products like Travel Insurance. Though many Brits are surfing the net or visiting travel agents for exotic summer destinations, almost 24% have intentions of travelling without insurance in order to save that extra pound.

The report also states that cuts are being made not only on travel insurance but people have deferred investing on future plans and have stopped making payments for family health insurance and pet insurance.

Head of American Insurance Services, Chris Rolland commented that though expenses in most fields are rising but the worrying and the disturbing fact is that almost 48 per cent are planning to cut back on policies which are meant to protect them during hard times. This could well be a false economy as many people in the long run would end up paying more from their pockets in times of emergency than what they would have done by paying regular insurance premiums.

Chris also goes on to explain that financial pressure is mounting on the people but if individuals take insurance cover, it will leave fewer people in financial distress. If you are travelling abroad, travel insurance will save you in at least three major areas – medical emergency, baggage loss and cancellation hassles. Good quality travel insurance will help you overcome any misfortune during your holiday abroad.

If you buy American Express insurance, you can get all the protection you need and that too at a discount of 5%. It is advisable to buy annual travel insurance if you have plans of travelling more than once a year than multiple single policies.

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