UK Airports Notorious for Baggage Loss

If you are still wondering whether it is essential for you to take out Travel Insurance while on a holiday abroad- then you need to stop pondering over it and take out one immediately if you have planned a trip this holiday. The reason is the fact that almost 42 million bags were lost by airlines at the UK airports in 2007 alone.

The situation has worsened over the last few years as air travel increased around the world. Though most of the bags were returned to the rightful owner, a considerable 1.2 million were never found. Though airlines have provisions for compensation for lost baggage but most of the times it is very difficult to prove what exactly your bag contained. The need for travel insurance has therefore increased as people are not left in the cold in an unknown place. Travel insurance is no longer a luxury. However, most holiday makers are cutting costs by not taking out travel insurance when on a holiday abroad. It is a necessity especially in times of recession as you have to spend more if you encounter problems abroad.

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