UK To Improve Rank In The Health Insurance League

UK to improve its rank in the health league table

National Health Service or NHS has decided to change gears to a kind of Health Insurance to match up with other countries. A study by a health group has revealed that the UK is not performing well in many indicators when compared to several other countries. It is important to offer universal cover and insurance benefits to compete with other countries in terms of a comprehensive health plan. Countries like Switzerland and Japan are way ahead of the US and UK. Even countries like Australia, Germany, France and the Netherlands are doing much better. Britain in fact finds a place much below at the health league table and is ranked seventh out of eight when it comes to cancer mortality and life expectancy and sixth in infant mortality. For a better performance UK must come up with new incentives like offering patients the option to choose companies that provide health insurance. The study also came up with a new model known as National Health Protection System (NHPS). In this system people can invest up to 2,000 per year tax-funded premium in return of guaranteed healthcare. If a country can be one of the leading sporting nations, it can also be a frontrunner in the health sector.

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