Uninsured Motorists And Higher Premium Rates

In the UK, insured motorists have to incur losses for those who drive around without a valid car insurance which costs the insured motorists about £500million a year

According to a compare research firm, on an average, drivers in the UK pay about £31 a year more for their Car Insurance premiums for recovering the cost of those motorists who drive uninsured. This figure however, only considers the increase in insurance premiums and not the extra costs suffered by a driver while involving in an accident with an uninsured driver which is relevant in more than 10 per cent of the drivers in the UK.

About 19 per cent of the victims of uninsured drivers end up paying the costs involving the incident themselves and about 19 per cent who have their auto insurance but cannot claim any bonus if they are involved in an accident with uninsured drivers as their insurance company might not cover claims involving drivers who are uninsured.

According to a research, about 87 per cent of motorists in the UK are of the opinion that the government isn’t taking enough measures for those driving without auto insurance. Many believe that severe penalties should be imposed upon such drivers. At present, the penalty for driving without car insurance is a mere £250 which is too less according to 79 per cent of the drivers. In some instances, the fine is even less than other driving offences committed by drivers who have an insurance. Experts along with the common man believe that one of the important ways of decreasing the number of illegal drivers on the road is through strict punishment. Some insurance companies would also like to offer their customer the best possible deal on motor insurance. Uninsured drivers are highly responsible for increasing the premiums on law-abiding driver’s insurance at a point when inflation is very high. It is time now for the Government to intervene and take stringent measures as the average fine for uninsured offences is only a fraction of the cost of a car’s insurance in a year. It is time for motorists with proper car insurance to stop paying for uninsured drivers.

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