Van Insurance Customers Must Avoid Talking While Driving

An important advice has been issued to van drivers who have cheap Van Insurance. In order to protect their insurance cover, they must avoid chatting on their mobiles while driving. The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (Rospa) has warmed motorists not to receive or make any calls while on the move since chances of road accidents increase when talking while driving.

Hands free kits are no less harmful as concentration is hampered either way. Rospa said that people who are involved in a conversation whether hands free or using a handset are four times more likely to meet with an accident.

The chances of an accident increase further for motorists who completely take their eyes off the road and send text messages. It is claimed that at least 25 deaths occurred in the UK in 2007 because of motorists using mobile phones. In order to avoid phone related deaths it is best to avoid talking on the phone while driving.

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