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Northern Bank

Apart from life death and destiny all other things are dependent money. If you have it then all the doctors on this planet can ensure you do not fall sick and all the entertainers on this planet will be there to make you smile. A Bank is considered the safest haven for money with so many anti social elements and uncertainties making us go on a tight rope walk between survival and demise. But banks no longer restrict there operations to safekeeping and lending money. They have ventured further into investments, portfolio management, and asset management.

The Northern Bank spread across Britain and operating on various premises through its 93 branches and finance centres, 11 in number are neck deep into what one may term financial management. The Danske bank group, with operations of the largest capacity in Denmark and a major stakeholder in the financial markets of Scandinavia is its parent body.

The northern Bank does not stop at finances alone; it has extended its foray beyond it and recognized its corporate social responsibility. It has a long history in community service involvement to prove this with some of the ventures for periods more than 25 years. They do not just look into the investment of monetary assets but also in the long term improvements of human assets, knowledge growth and skill development of the general community. The bank tries to inculcate a sense of belonging among its staff members. Northern bank projects itself as the local bank of northern island, focusing on indigenous strength in both participation and goals. The Community Programme is meant to overcome local obstacles and use local opportunities.

With its newly launched grants programme, students can now study abroad incurring much lower costs. There are 20 non-repayable grants, each amounting to £1,000.This is meant to cover undergraduate students for the academic year 2008-2009 for one semester.

For issues like insurance and mortgage the bank has a special team of expert advisers. Clients are therefore allowed to have a direct dealing with such experts to have a thorough idea about all the various insurance and Mortgage options and can guide him to choose the best suited product. Mortgage products are on offer only through its 92 braches to ensure greater product utility and satisfaction. To make things easier the term period is extended up to 30 years and this comes with no additional charges for early repayment. Arrangement fee is absolutely nil for choice plus, northern freedom and prestige customers. Valuation fee is also very low at a value of up to £175 only, while the legal fee limit is of £300.The current home mortgage base rates are as low at 5%.

Financial institutes are involved in the construction of such a system that can make transfer payments extremely swiftly. Northern Bank is one of the 13 financial institutions developing this faster payments service (FPS).

Northern e-Banking is a great option for efficient and convenient share trading. This comes with investment tools to gauge the market from time to time.