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Nottingham Building Society

One of the first financial institutions to introduce the concept of online banking, the Nottingham Building society was founded in the year 1849 with the aim of providing better living conditions and dwellings for the poor. To provide a profitable place for investing hard earned money was also one of the primary goals of setting up the Nottingham Building Society. Headquartered in Nottingham, England, the company has assets worth three billion pounds. Savings, mortgages, insurance and investments are some of the products they deal with and market.

Mortgages from the Nottingham Building Society

The society has been helping millions buy a home for themselves for the past 150 years. They have been doing so with the help of their special mortgage options. If you are buying your first home, planning to sell the existing home to buy a new one, purchasing property or are planning to purchase business properties in England to set up an office or rent out, Nottingham Building Society is the place for you. Giving equal importance to the financial considerations of every client, the mortgage advisors help the client decide what is best for him. If you would like to make your own choice, the mortgage advisors will give you information about the mortgage products that are available and you can decide for yourself what is right for you. When you wish to apply for a Mortgage, our mortgage advisors will fox an appointment for you where you can discuss your options and get all the queries verified. Besides, you can also post your queries online and have them cleared by our experienced staff.

Search services for homes online through the site, high interest rates on the savings accounts, quick Mortgage calculators and a good branch spread are some highlights of the Nottingham Building Society.