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Office Insurance

Threats are a common factor in business. Any business has risk of being destroyed by fire, robber, and injury of employees. These risks are unforeseen and unpredictable. Hence every business should have business insurance.

Though every Business requires insurance for its risk management, the needs of business differ from each other. Hence a packaged policy will help in such cases. Packaged policy is a product offered by most insurance companies. The coverage provided will provide the basics to run a business, extended coverage can meet specific needs of that particular business. All these are bundled into one insurance policy.

The other advantage of packaged policy is that there is only one set of documents, one renewal date and one contact point. All these features make the package policy less expensive yet unique. The cost of the policy is much less than the sum of individual policies, Hence Office Insurance is the best way to protect your business from specific risks that only your business can face.

Companies that offer Office Insurance are Lloyds TSB and AXA.

Lloyds TSB offers a high level of standard cover and also some optional extras. This insurance is suitable for estate agents, architects, solicitors and different types of office workers.

AXA Office Insurance on the other hand is suitable for solicitors and barristers and the have optional extras which suit their business. AXA has online booking facility with 10% discount available. The unique feature of AXA is the business interruption cover which helps in loss of income due to damage of business by fire or theft.