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Orange Broadband

Orange broadband is well known for its fair rates, high speed internet and excellent customer service. Today it is one of the respected names amongst the broadband operators in United Kingdom. It offers its broadband services for both personal as well as business customers at competitive prices. This company also offers other services like mobile phones or Iphone. It has strong customer base in the country. Looking for suitable broadband service is always major task before any user and this company made it easy with its customer friendly offers as well as suitable payment modes. The company is committed to provide uninterrupted services and for that it has set up strong network as well as infrastructure throughout the nation. You will get details about various solutions by browsing its official website. If you are registered customer of the company, you will get special discount for that as part of loyalty.

Orange broadband offers unlimited usage for home users at only 10 euro for month. The company is committed to provide 20 Mbps speed for download. Home users need not to pay any set up charge. No Broadband connection fee is charged from customers. Residential users need to enter into 12 month contract with company in the beginning. This organization never hikes its rates during contract period and customers can enjoy tension free internet. Mobile users can also enjoy broadband service on their mobile phones. It offers three different plans for mobile broadband. Every mobile plan comes with 5 euro discount every month. Mobile broadband offers many key features such as you can use it with PC or Mac because it can plug into USB port. The customers can use mobile broadband service at home, office or during traveling because it is easy to carry. Mobile broadband provides maximum 7.2 Mbps speed. Speed for mobile broadband is subject to network availability.

Orange broadband offers simple way to switch the services. You can take connection from internet or over phone also by filling or providing your personal information. Orange Broadband also offers superfast broadband for business customers at only 10 euro with unlimited usage. The company provides wireless router free of cost for mobile broadband users. It offers various payment options such as monthly pay or pay as you go. The customers will get complete technical support for installation from company experts free of cost. To know more about company and its policy regularly visit the company website. Registered user will get message about new offers in advance.