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Orange Landline

Orange is a brand name of a telecommunication company which was founded in 1994 by Hutchison Telecom. The company is headquartered in Bristol, England, UK. It serves the areas of United Kingdom. The company is mainly into providing Mobile telecommunications products and services. Lately they are merged with Deutsche Telekom’s T Mobile forming a joint venture Everything Everywhere.

Even after decades of use of cell phones, landline still exists mainly due to the credibility it provides. Orange also provides these services varying from business needs to household needs. There has been sharp increase in communication and the devices needed but far more than that there has been continuous evolution of the technology and ideas associated with making calls. One such evolution is Orange landline for Business. They have come up with a latest service which offers its customers landline as well as mobile services combined together. Simply said if one misses a call on landline it can be diverted to their mobile phones thus saving the businesses from losing their customers.

Orange landline also takes care that the existing number is not altered and that their customers don’t have to go through any hassle while changing the service provider. They take all the care of shifting without any transfer fees. Since the service provider is the same for landline and mobile phone dealing is easier and simpler. They have other services like online billing and analysis. Orange provides all these services at very competitive rates. Since the provider is the same there is at least 20%saving on landline bills.

Orange provides its home based users a service called “Orange Landline Service” which is basically a line rental service. Here again there is no need of changing the existing number since the Orange Landline Service transfers the current telephone line to the Orange Network which allows the users to make and receive calls. It’s called Orange Home Phone Service.

Orange is also providing a latest offer called “Orange Pocket Landline service” which will serve SMEs (small and medium sized enterprises). They provide credibility of landline services and accessibility and flexibility of mobile phones. This will further grow towards many to one or one to many pocket landlines. Thus forwarding many landline numbers to one mobile phone or routing many mobile phones to one Landline number. Just a few days into existence these services have already contributed into increasing businesses. To get the maximum business SMEs are showing interest specially when lured by nominal charges charged by Orange.