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Pet Insurance

Pets are fun to live with. They love you and are faithful to you than most of your friends and neighbours. But they can be a nuisance when they injure someone or injure themselves in accident. The medical expenses and the legal expenses could be a heavy burden on anyone. These are some of the reasons why Pet Insurance is becoming popular nowadays.

Pet Insurance Explained

It is possible to assess and evaluate online the competing products of around 80 pet insurance providers in UK. In addition, you can also evaluate the various health plans available and determine all the provisions included for the offered price.

Prior to taking out a policy it is necessary to find out:
  • If the policy pricing is within your budget.
  • If it’s veterinary fee cover will be enough.
  • Each and every one of the exclusions and how it will all cause an impact on you.
  • Extra fees like variable, as well as fixed fees and how they are applicable.
  • If your pet is affected by any conditions that can have an influence on your cover
  • The terms or conditions regarding the aging of the pet in the policy.
  • If this Pet Insurance policy offers coverage for your pet’s entire lifetime.
Dropping in on the recommended sites directory to see the website list providing products/services for pets is recommended.

Pet insurance - Overseas Pet Travel Cover

It is now very easy to take your pets overseas with you than it was previously. In February 2000, the government of UK had started the program Pet Travel Scheme (PETS) enabling the animals to travel among the member countries and to return to UK, without spending too much time in isolation. When you plan to go abroad with your pets utilizing the PETS scheme for holidays or moving or to live in another country, consider purchasing for all your pets, overseas travel cover.

Pet insurance policy offers overseas travel cover as its part. It is contingent upon the insurer, whether it is available as part of standard cover or if travel cover must be bought as an extra option. After getting the overseas travel cover, you can go abroad with complete equanimity. If your pet happens to become ill, require veterinary treatment in emergency or have an accident, all costs will be covered. By utilizing the overseas travel cover, you can ask for expenses incurred by unexpected isolation and if you misplace the passport of your pet.

Aspects to be Considered Prior to Purchase of Overseas Pet Travel Cover

There are various things to be done prior to obtaining the overseas pet travel cover. These include:
  1. Microchip pet: Set it up at the local vet to microchip your pet, as it gives a permanent distinctive id for reference to always link the pet to you. All information will be recorded on the National PetLog Database and in the event of losing the pet through straying or theft, the microchip helps in facilitating your pet in coming back to you. Microchip is not costly at about £25. An important fact is that if your pet has no microchip, your overseas travel cover can be cancelled.
  2. Vaccination to prevent rabies: As the disease of rabies afflicts several nations, it is crucial to vaccinate your pet to preclude infection and to foil issues of isolation. A month after vaccination, blood test the pet to assess if the vaccine level is enough for giving it complete immunity.
  3. Obtain PETS Certificate: To get a PETS Certificate, which is authorised by the government, it is necessary to microchip and also vaccinate your pet. Fix to have it inspected through a veterinary surgery.
  4. Pet passport: You can get it from the local vet, as pet passport is essential for pets just like for humans.
  5. Get Overseas Travel Cover: You can add overseas travel cover as an option, if it is not a part of the current Pet Insurance plan. It is relatively cheap when you consider that you will be spared all the expenses of overseas veterinary treatment and other related ones that can amount to several thousand pounds, overseas travel cover is economically feasible and excellent. Being safe is always better than being sorry.
Pet insurance – Third Party Liability

For actions pets make, their owners are held accountable legally. In case, your pet happens to injure somebody or is the reason of an accident by running across a road, you are held responsible and can be prosecuted and are liable to be held for compensation. So it is better that you take out the third party liability, also included in the pet insurance package.

Mainly a third party liability insurance makes you secure financially, in case your pet happens to injure or harm someone or if the pet causes destruction to somebody else’s possessions. It includes vehicular harm, as a part of Animals Act of 1971. Certain provisions for third party liability allow pet owners to be insured to cover some conditions like your pet causing someone’s death. On such occasions, you can end with a claim for a sizeable amount and if you are without the cover of third party liability, you can be in serious difficulty – to settle the claim you may even have to sell your house.

Who Needs Third Party Liability Cover for Pets

Third party liability cover must be taken by everyone owning pets. Since we now live in a highly controversial world, utilising TV advertisements, as well as the Internet for putting together an injury claim is widespread, on the basis of no-win then no-fees. There have been incidents when pet owners have become the victim of their pets being in an erroneous place at an inappropriate time.

A dog owner must definitely take out a cover for third party liability. In a tremendous number of legal cases related to pets, dogs much more than other pets have caused occasions leading to third party taking action. It is primarily due to the abundance of dog owners in UK. Besides, dogs have more association with the community than many of the other pets.

Limitations of Third Party Liability Cover for Pets

Many of the major third party policies are ready to provide Dog Insurance. On the other hand, for other animals, third party liability cover requires some research to determine the most suitable cover. Then there are the excess payments. For making a single claim, you may be required to pay the initial £100 or much beyond that for the damages for which your pet and thereby yourself are held accountable. Normally, if your excess payments are more, then the monthly premium will be less.

Pet Insurance – Rewards and Advertising for Missing Pets

Pet owners undergo harrowing experience on discovering the loss of their pets. It is very difficult to deal with the fact that you do not know if your pet still lives or is dead and not knowing if you’ll once again see this pet. A few of the pet owners feel that their suffering is equivalent to that experienced at the loss of a direct family member.

Even though nothing can be done to dim that poignant feeling, it is possible to take affirmative action for getting hold of the pet and to repossess it again. Inserting an advertisement about the lost pet in some local newspapers, along with photo of lost animal can produce results. If somebody comes across your pet, it is possible for them to get in touch with you straight or else through the newspaper. Another way is through placing posters having the missing pet’s photograph in the windows of the local businesses and also in local shops, so that the lost pet remains in public eye. By taking maximum effort, it is possible to reclaim the missing pet as soon as possible, with least aggravation.

Promising a Reward

To provide maximum momentum to the process of repossessing the pet, promise a reward to get back the pet safely or to know about its whereabouts to make safe reclaims. If you have come to the conclusion that your pet was lost through theft, it is necessary to inform the police prior to announcing the reward. It is necessary to take advice on how to handle such situations by opening up other inquiries, which can show the way to the pet’s secure recovery, with no need to bind yourself to pay the reward.

The amount of the reward is fixed at the discretion of the pet owner. Many of the pet owners promise very small amount like £50 or maybe £100. Contrarily, there are other pet owners who go overboard as to promise more than a few thousand pounds to a maximum of tens of thousands in pounds, when some uncommon or exalted pet breeds have disappeared.

Bill Footing

A reward is offered for repossessing the pet by advertising in newspapers and posters. Money is required for all these. If you have taken out a Pet Insurance policy, it is not necessary for you to pay the full bill. This policy can cover most or the entire expenses incurred for getting back the pet. It can involve pay out for a fixed amount to advertise, along with extra amount for making the reward payment.

Generally, it is standard for a pet insurance policy to provide coverage for advertisements and also for rewards. Still you may be entitled for choosing various cover levels, depending on the money needed for expenses needed to make the claim.

Pet Insurance - Pet Boarding Cover

A sound recommendation is to be ready at all times for the occurrence of out-of-the-blue situations. Consider the case where you may be in some accident and is injured or may not be feeling well and you may have to be hospitalised, then who will be there for your pet? Perchance it is possible that some family member, friend or else a neighbour may be willing to aid you, but it is not practical and you may not want to be dependent on them for the entire duration you need to be gone – particularly, if the stay at the hospital happens to be an extended affair.

An option is to entrust the care of the pet with professionals. A kennel, cattery or else boarding home for the pets is capable of taking care of the pet when you are not there. Although the boarding homes may not cost much, for having a dog admitted in some boarding kennels can amount to around a maximum of £140. On the event that you have not taken the effort to keep aside some funds for coping with such emergency, it can prove to be a hard and tricky affair for you.

Pet Insurance – Covering the Boarding Expenses

For such occasions it is necessary to take out the pet insurance. The pet insurance policy with hospitalisation covers for the owner of the pet, so that you are able to pay most or the entire amount of the boarding expenses incurred for the boarding of pets. Usually, there is a certain limit to the money that can be claimed, which vary with the insurer. Some products offer costs for pet boarding as the standard factor in the cover, whereas some others give such cover in only premium policies for Pet Insurance. So it may be better to make comparisons of different pet insurance policies to find out what all are provided to cover for the boarding costs before purchasing.

Various Exclusions and Other Conditions for Pet Boarding

To qualify for getting payments for meeting boarding expenses from the insurance provider, it is necessary to meet up with some specific stipulations. One of the initial prerequisite demanded by the insurers is to lodge the pet at an authorised licensed kennel or else cattery. No other boarding facility will suit the insurers.

Subsequently, you are required to traverse a period for being eligible, prior to receiving payments. For insurer to pay you, it is necessary to be at the hospital for a certain period. Besides, very few insurers will give cover for boarding expenses incurred after you depart from the nursing home or at a recuperating place. You are eligible for payments only for the number of days you have stayed in the hospital.

It is only after presenting the proof of receipts from the boarding home for pet’s stay that you can make your claim. The insurers may check out your hospital stay by making enquiries to the specialist or the doctor who has treated you.

A cover with facility for hospitalisation of the pet owner is a worthwhile policy to possess. It assists in mitigating the financial jolt of providing the pet with boarding facility for the duration of hospital stay. This will help to alleviate some of your worry leaving you free to concentrate on getting well.

Pet Insurance - Pet Purchase Price Reimbursement

It is a tormenting experience, the loss of a pet through burglary or by a pet wandering away and being unable to get it back or its accidental death. Nothing can make you ready for the poignant turbulence caused by such an incident. Although it will not give much solace or help in the return of the pet, it will help in recouping the financial loss through the reimbursement of the pet insurance.

The pet reimbursement insurance helps you to retrieve a part or the entire amount you have paid for the pet. Usually, the amount that can be claimed has been fixed, which will be different for different insurers. A few of the pet insurance policies have as standard pet reimbursement at a minimal level. In addition, they give a choice of raising the level to the comprehensive cover, perchance as an element of the Pet Insurance package of higher category. For getting complete coverage for the buying price, you have to make comparison of what different insurers provide of this grade.

Expenses Involved in the Purchase of a Pet

Since Britain is a country having a high percentage of pet lovers, people there had spent a mind boggling amount of £2.6 billions in the past five years, for the purchase of pets – dogs, as well as cats being their favourite purchase. It costs an average of around £282 for the purchase of a canine in UK. Meanwhile it is lesser than £92 for a single feline. On the other hand, for unusual pets and for pure breeds, the cost is higher. For instance, a Chihuahua of two years age can cost about £700-£800, whereas dogs meant to breed have a price of £3,000 or beyond. In pet world, the most expensive possessions are the horses. Horses that can be used for riding or ones with experience to compete in events like show jumping or dressage may cost beyond £5,000 for a single animal.

Pet Purchase - Restrictions for Price Reimbursement Claim

There can be instances when like other insurance policies; a reimbursement claim may end up without being honoured. Hence, it is significant to know about the details covered by your reimbursement policy. In particular, it is not possible to make claims for the natural death of pets, or if death is the result of a pre-existing illness or medical condition. Similarly, you will not receive reimbursement, if the reward for the return of a stolen or an astray pet goes to your household or a family member.

You will need to fulfil some conditions, prior to the settlement of the reimbursement claim. For example, if you make a claim for death through some accident, you are required to provide proof of the amount paid for the purchase of the pet such as a document or a receipt proving the purchased price. It is possible that the insurer may check with your vet for determining the cause of the death of the pet. In case the cause cannot be established, you may be required to give your permission to the insurer/vet for performing a post mortem.

Pet Insurance – Various Types of Pet Insurance Cover

It can be an intimidating job to search for an appropriate pet insurance. Numerous insurance providers offer multitude of pet insurance products and also discount for signing up. You must be certain of what you require; otherwise selection will take too much time.

By being aware of the various kinds of insurance cover available in the market and the distinctions between different products, it helps to make things easier. We would like to provide you with some idea about this subject on this web page. In essence, pet insurance can be classified into three kinds:
  1. Life Time Cover
  2. Pre Condition Cover
  3. Annual Cover
Life Time Cover

Life time insurance helps to provide insurance to your pet for its entire lifetime. This continuous cover is an all inclusive policy, which must be renewed every year, as it provides cover for the various conditions the pet goes through and for which insurance claims have been made previously. For instance, you have made insurance claims for arthritic veterinary treatment previous year. In spite of that you are entitled to make such claims to treat the same disease in future as well. There is no limit to the number of times you can make claims, allowing you to provide your pet with the most excellent veterinary care, irrespective of cost. Nevertheless, annually a fixed limit is specified in your policy about the amount for which you can make claims.

For all claims, excess fees are levied and that too for higher amount. The most costly type of cover is the Lifetime Pet Insurance cover, as its insurance premiums are the highest among the three choices. However, you will be able to enjoy the benefits for the amount you pay. Besides, it is an all inclusive policy that gives your pet, cover for its whole life.

Per Condition Pet Insurance Cover (Condition Capped)

For a selective kind of policy, you can opt for the per condition insurance cover for your pet. According to this policy, for every new condition, a fixed amount is set as maximum for a specific period – although usually it is for one year, many of the insurers have no fixed time limit. Hence it is possible to make as much claims as you require, provided every condition is one for which you have made no previous claims.

Even though the amount you pay for the insurance premium is less, once your claims have reached the fixed limit, then you will not be able to make any claims. Hence it is not for people whose pet needs continuous treatment for any long-term illness.

Annual Pet Insurance Cover (Time Capped)

Although Annual Cover costs least, this pet insurance has little flexibility. This is somewhat akin to the per condition cover. However, total money for any year happens to be capped for each and every claim. This provides cover for many illnesses and injury up to a period of one year for a fixed payout amount. For renewal, the cover gets reset. From the onset of claim, the cover will last till the end of one year. So this cover is inappropriate for pets having medium or any long term illnesses. Nonetheless, it is cost effective for all regular veterinary checkups, treatment for short-term illnesses and also for ad-hoc treatments like surgery.

Pet Insurance – Excess Fees

Like the various kinds of other insurance policies, excess fees are applicable for pet insurance as well. Fundamentally, excess fee is the financial input; you will be required to put up in case you file for an insurance claim. It is contingent on the sort of excess fee such that the amounts you will have to pay differ. It is imperative that while you file your claim, it is necessary to pay this amount, usually as the initial ‘x’ amount needed for the claim.

Every insurer has excess fees pertaining to their different insurance products. This method helps them to avoid several smaller claims since the processing of such claims incur considerable money, as well as time for the insurer. If there are no excess fees, then you would have to pay higher insurance premiums.

Different Types of Pet Insurance Excess

The charging of excess fees by insurer will be varied depending on the excess type. Fundamentally, excess fees are of four types, which pet owners need to know while they take pet insurance.
  1. Fixed fee excess
  2. Percentage excess
  3. Annual excess
  4. Variable excess
Fixed Fee Excess

Usually fixed fee excess is regularly imposed on people who make claims utilizing their pet insurance. This fixed amount has to be shelled out by the applicant, in spite of their claim amount. It follows that if you want a claim amount of £2,000 and £100 is its fixed excess, then the applicant is indebted to give £100. Obviously, if it happens to be the only fixed excess related to this claim, then that is the sole amount the applicant will have to shell out from their own purse.

Fixed fee excess can both be compulsory as well as voluntary. If it is voluntary excess fees, then you can opt to pay higher excess, so that you can pay lesser insurance premium for your Pet Insurance. Its appropriateness is contingent on your pet’s welfare and its fitness.

Percentage Excess

This excess charge is dependent on the percentage pertaining to a claim amount. Occasionally, there is set percentage no matter what the claim amount is. Frequently, the relevant percentage alters on some sliding scale or else the claim amount gets banded and even for little amounts the percentage charged is higher.

Percentage excess fee is used as an extra charge on top of the fixed fee excess by the insurance firms. Hence it is necessary to shell out for both excesses if you make a claim.

Annual Excess

For some of the ailments/conditions, it may be necessary for a pet insurance policy to pay the pertaining annual excess. This has been devised for situations, where for two years or beyond that consequent claims can be made and to regulate the risk of insurer for long-term illnesses. On the other hand, if claims go over beyond the first year into the second one, it is required to make double payments for annual excess.

Variable Excess

Some of the pertaining extra excesses due to the place where the pet is living and the age of the pet may need to be included in the payments. Owing to a pet living in some place, where there is increased risk for the pet being hurt or there is more chance for the pet to fall ill, then variable excess become relevant in payments. Furthermore, for pets, those are beyond a set age may need variable excess payments.

Insurance for Multiple Pets

For people with more than a single pet in their household have to get separate insurance cover for each and every pet. One pet insurance policy is applicable to only that single pet. Since the particulars are recorded with your insurer, the insurer will double check to substantiate that a claim made is specifically for the pet with that particular Pet Insurance policy.

This may look unjust to people with more than one pet. Nonetheless, this policy is just like other type of insurance policies – for instance, the car insurance policy. Usually all cars in a household are insured separately. Similar to Pet Insurance policies, while making a claim for car insurance, it is not possible to make claim for another car than for the one for which insurance has been taken out.

Fortunately, pet owners who take multiple insurance policies get certain cost benefits. If you take cover from one insurer for two or more pets, you will receive considerable discount.

Multiple Pet Cover

Through a proper study of the pet insurance market and by doing the necessary survey, you can learn that there are great discounts for multiple pets, ranging from insuring a couple of pets to an animal menagerie. The second pet policy from a few of the insurers offers around 5-10 % discount. Many of the other insurers offer bigger discount margins. Since multiple pet insurance came online, a particular insurer currently offered up to 45 % discount.

Merits of Multiple Pet Insurance

Chief advantage of multiple pet insurance is the evident benefit of insuring each and every pet. In case more than one pet come down with some disease or is injured or become the victims of accident, pet owner can claim on the basis of their policies, expenses for getting the pets treated. Besides, pet owner get considerable equanimity from these multiple pet insurance. You can be at peace with the knowledge that if something happens to any of your pets, you can provide excellent treatment and care for them, without much damage to your bank account.

Purchase of Multiple Pet Cover

It is very easy to purchase multiple pet cover . All you need to do is to discover the insurer providing the appropriate pet cover, which satisfy the requirements of the pets and find out about the various discounts in offer for the insurance of multiple pets. The discount rates of several insurers are available online. Nevertheless, there are a few discounts that are not published online. So it can be worth your while, if you take the effort to approach either an insurance broker or else an insurer to enquire if it is probable to make arrangements for a discount. It is likely that you are in for a nice surprise from their reply.

Pet Insurance for Breeders

It can be a fiddly affair, the process of taking out Pet Insurance for the progeny of breeding animals. Yet there are many insurers who offer cover for the brood for a set period, without any charge. Should any of the puppies or else the kittens have any mishaps; their parents’ insurance policy will offer them treatment expenses.

Holiday Cancellation Cover of Pet Insurance

There can be numerous causes for holiday cancellations. These can include emergency conditions like a family member’s death or poor health and for covering such circumstances, usually travel insurance is obtainable. After putting up a claim, the applicant can get recompense for appropriate expenses, on the approval of their claim and the amount you get is within the set amount mentioned in your policy.

Conversely travel insurance will not provide cover for some of the situations. If the reason for holiday cancellation is any injury, disease or death of the pet, then there is no insurance cover for protection. Such instances may not be covered by the standard travel insurance and even if they do offer cover, it is solely for the loss of your pet. It becomes necessary for you to decide if you want to go onward with your holiday plans in spite of this or suffer the money loss, either in part or the full amount already spent for the holiday trip. With both decisions, you end up the loser leaving behind an acrid taste in the mouth.

Travel Insurance Policy for Pet Owners

Most ideal solution to provide cover for pet owners who want to go for holiday trips is a pet insurance inclusive of holiday cancellation, as a result of the death, injury or some disease of the pet. Such a policy will enable a pet owner to recoup some earlier expenses, which cannot be claimed by means of the travel insurance, as you will not be entitled. This includes usually the cost of accommodation, as well as travel such as the train ticket costs, flight charges, hotel bills, car rents, taxi fares and other expenses associated unequivocally to the curtailment or termination of the holiday, as a result of pet troubles. In effect, the pet insurance policy, along with the holiday cancellation works as the second layer of insurance. All that are not a part of the travel insurance claim are supplemented by the pet insurance policy, thereby ensuring that you receive cover for the whole expenses.

Usually, along with the pet insurance policy there is the cover for basic holiday cancellation. Generally, you can get a settlement of about £500 to £1,000 along with provision for initiating the claim within a week, prior to your departure for holidays. This is extremely convenient, in the event of your pet becoming injured or down with illness, just some days before leaving for the holidays.

From the different Pet Insurance packages offered, select a highly inclusive cover with higher recompense, even for a maximum of £4,000 or beyond. This can be lengthened to pre-holiday period so that the claim includes holiday cancellation. A few insurers provide cover for a maximum of 28 days, prior to departure.

Curtailment of Holidays

In the event of returning early from holidays due to diseases, injury or loss, the holiday cancellation cover enables you to settle the expenses. It is likely that you can get back the money paid for accommodation, corresponding to the lost nights. Another advantage is to claim the expenses for extra flights and the unplanned arrival and departure from airport.

Factors that influence Pet Insurance Policies

Pet Insurance are always gain for the owner in the sense that the owner of pets saves regular monthly amounts and he also gets back the money along with the interest in the long term.

Choosing a policy would be the most difficult part of the process. There are many factors to be considered while choosing an insurance. Let us look at some of them


The first thing that comes to your mind when taking insurance is the price. There are different insurance companies offering insurance and a quote from each of them will help you compare the prices and choose the insurance which suits you the best.


The insurance providers generally claim excess when paying claims, this results in saving money by the insurance companies. This excess generally occurs because of choosing some condition for claims. Even if one choses a cheap product due to higher excesses can result in paying more money.


Careful check should be made before buying a pet insurance regarding life long cover. There are three types of covers
  1. Time capped cover – which offers cover for the first year only of illness
  2. Financially capped cover- here the insurance company will pay a total fixed amount for each condition each year
  3. Lifelong cover this is the best insurance as it pays for treatment upto a definite amount every year as long as treatment is required
Other Benefits

Though veterinary fees if the pivot of the Pet Insurance, insurance companies provide a wide range of other benefits which is useful as well as attractive.

If your pet gets lost, the company pays for advertising and reward. In case you (the owner) falls sick the company pays towards the cost of looking after your pet. Some companies also pay the purchase price if the pet gets lost or is stolen. Some companies also pay for damages caused by your pet. Besides the ones enumerated above there may be many other benefits provided by the company, only on carefully reading the document you can know what are the benefits offered by the company and make sure whether the cover you have chosen is suitable for you and your pet.

There are many companies offering Pet Insurance in the United Kingdom. Some of them are Directline, More Than, AsDA, Marks & Spencers, Sainsburys, Argos Pet Insurance, Churchhill and Exotic. Though benefits may vary from company to company the pet insurance policy remains the same.

Read the policy document carefully

The insurance policy document alone can tell about the insurance benefits offered by the company. Therefore always make sure that you read the policy document carefully before you take an insurance policy.

Ensure that you and your pet enjoy the relationship forever and get the best for your pet.

Loving and caring for family and friends is natural. Caring for animals and giving them place in your heart is more than a common thing. But taking an animal as your pet and loving it is not only a symbol of your kindness and passion but also it inherently increases your responsibility for a lifetime towards a living thing. Risk of life is equal to be frank with human beings as well as pets.

Happy smiles go on if every thing is well and cheerful. Playing with a puppy, feeding a baby cat, throwing a carrot to a white rabbit make good flashes of memories. But if it becomes ill, or weeps with a broken leg, or was caught by someone and was never found again, we need to extend a hand of help where the Pet Insurance plays a significant role. It has been a practice from long to cover medication of animals, compensation of loss of the pets and the most important loss i.e., death of the pet. But in the changing scenario of increasing love and affection towards animals, new types of insurance coverage like vaccination, nutrition, insuring even young and healthy animals for unexpected illness etc. are also emerging into the prevailing coverage areas. UK is especially known for its full-fledged compensation rates. When an animal is depended on a human being, the welfare of animal as well as its caretaker is equally important, so some insurance companies offer to take care of the animals when the real owner of the pet becomes hospitalized. Staying back with the pet if it is in a dying condition or is seriously ill and needed and fulltime concentration, also needs a compensation, which is covered by some of the Insurance companies. Some animal breeds which often compel to make claims make the insurers demand more premium to be paid, so before selecting a pet the pet-owners need to take a wise decision. The type of insurance to be covered depends on the psychology of the owner.

Generally Pet Insurance is available mostly for cats and dogs. Owner who are attached whole heartedly to the pet need to search for a good insurance company which will assist him in the general health of the pet, periodical examinations, testing the eye sight of the animal, dental care etc. Though the owner pays much attention in financial aspect of the pet’s illness, sometimes, dangerous diseases may cause instability emotionally as well as financially. Highly qualified and updated equipment is being available in these days for the diagnosis as well as the treatment in the veterinary field and life-saving aspects may become out of reach for the owners where an insurance coverage becomes a must.