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Phone Co-Op Landline

Phone co-op landline is the only co-operative amongst all the companies offering telecommunication and internet services. As a co-operative, the members have a say in the day-to day activities, they share the responsibilities, values and participate in the decision making process. The phone co-op has been awarded by the Federation of Communications Services which is a trade association of the telecoms industry. The phone co-op has also been recognized as The Reseller of the Year. They are also actively pursuing environmental issues which make them the winner of FCS Green Award for three consecutive years.

Phone co-op landline gives Home phone and broadband packages in the UK region. Phone co-op Landline gives a broadband of 40 GB with line rental. One also gets a free wireless router along with the package. Users get the benefit of unlimited evening and weekend calls but the numbers are restricted.

Transfer or installation of line is possible while maintaining the number. A call package starts with 11.69 pounds. The line is available for very low cost and the company claims to provide great service after transferring phone line to them. They give landline services with no hassles but at the same the users end up in saving a lot. The process is quite simple while transferring and installing lines. The phone number can be retained. Some calling features can be added while previous calling features can be retained. To change the line only cable line has to be converted but the broadband need not be changed. The cost is inclusive of transfer charges or in other words transfer of an existing line is free of cost. There are no reconnection charges except where network wiring is needed. New line installations cost around 60 pounds while for existing customers the installation charges are 50 pounds. Payment by Direct Debit costs nothing whereas other payment methods cost around 1 pound a month.

The company follows the concept of per second billing which actually means the users pay only for what they use. The connection establishment fee is very low. As add-ons are available one can be flexible enough to use them to build their own tariffs. Caller Plus tariff is perfect for low users since pay as you go is very cost-effective feature. Calling features such as 1571 answering, Call divert, Call waiting can be added to Landline. Most of the features cost as low as 1.79 pounds per month.

The company shows eagerness in customer service even after sales. The problems get resolved after reporting to the customer service team and they send their engineers to fix it within 2 working days.