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Platinum Credit Card

Platinum is a master card and offers a wide variety of benefits and rewards to its users.

The benefits of Platinum Credit Card are:
  1. Interest free period for 13 months
  2. 0% interest during the first three months on all purchases
  3. Balance transfer with 2.5% handling fees for the first three months
  4. All purchases have a 56 day interest free period
  5. Cash withdrawal up to 56 day interest free period this varies according to the credit limit.
  6. No annual fess is payable
  7. Free add on card for spouse or close friend
How will you manage your Credit Card?
  1. You can manage and control your card online
  2. Check your balance and statements online
  3. Pay by direct debit
  4. Minimum payment option is available
  5. You can do money transfers over the phone
  6. You can transfer money to any UK Bank Account from Platinum Credit Card.
Platinum also offers discounts like
  1. Kitbag – 15% off
  2. Buyagift – 20% off
  3. Special offers at Royal Bank Wine Club
Platinum offers travel benefits like travel bookings, travel advice and help and overseas medical help.

Besides there are special offers and gift for cardholders. What more should you ask for? Buy a Platinum Credit Card and enjoy your life.