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Post Office Broadband

Post office broadband is part of one of the oldest royal mail group. It has wide network of branches across the nation and is United KingdomÂ’s biggest retailer. History of this group is dated back to 1635 and it was established by prince Charles-1. It is well known for providing fast and reliable broadband services to customers. Currently it has strong base of more than 21 million satisfied customers. It offers more than 170 products and services which include telephony, bill payment, broadband, financial services, travel related products and banking. It is largest provider of foreign currency in the United Kingdom and one of the leading travel insurance providers. You will get detailed information about its products and services by browsing its customer friendly website. It provides its world class broadband service with the help of latest technology and strong network of data houses. The company offers its high performance broadband solutions in every corner of nation. You can find availability of network and service from company website.

Post office broadband gives 8Mbps speed for download. The company provides free modem with its connection. This modem is very easy to install. Anyone can install modem himself by following proper guidelines. In this way this company provides broadband connection free of cost. Broadband connection is provided with anti-spam and antivirus for security reason. This provides safe way of browsing and protects your desktop or laptop from internet threats. To avail value added service of this company, you have to follow simple procedure. You can apply online for new connection or even contact nearest branch of company for that. Once you ask for new connection, the company representatives will immediately respond you. Fast switching is one of the major characteristics of this company. For unlimited usage this company offers broadband extra plan with many features. This plan comes with free connection, fast download speed and wireless router at free of cost. Surf longer as well as surf safer is basic motive of this organization.

Post office broadband connection comes with minimum 12 months service contract. Price list for different plans is available on company website. You can call on toll free number for any help at any time of day. It is committed to provide world class customer service to consumers. Before making contract with company read term and policy in detail. You can pay your monthly bills by online transactions too. Post Office Broadband is committed to protect personal information of customers in any situation.