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Post Office Landline

Post Office Landline is a sole subsidy of Royal mail group ltd., which has been providing the postal services for UK since centuries. It is a brand which people trust completely. The group has recently moved to the telecom market and, deals into various home phone packages. Post office home-phone service is a well-known landline service of this group which has beaten majority of its competitors.

Unlike other phone line and broadband brand the post office landline is a reliable brand which provides a hassle free and cost effective services. You might have heard about great deals, discounted offers from various phone line suppliers but, there are no such good payment plan options which can beat Post office landline services. It has payment plans to suit everyone whether it is a good old cash or Direct Debit. The payments can be done online as well as from the nearest post office branch.

Post Office Landline currently offers one home basic phone package which includes both line calls and rental. ItÂ’s landline tariff offers free weekend calls to UK mobiles, unlimited calls to post office home phone users, free weekend calls to forty international destinations, free weekend calls and unlimited evening calls to all the local and national numbers and, free weekend calls to 0845 and 0870 numbers. With the Landline connection, the company also provides free modem with no contract or minimum tie-in which is quite a good deal. The best part of this service provider is that the consumer can keep his/her existing landline number as it is.



Post Office Landline provides customers with quick advices on the best deals and helps its consumers to switch from older service provider. They are one of the market leaders in offering high quality cheap international calls to several countries around the world. They are adding more and more deals of cheaper calls and also keeps their customers updated about the same. Now with many years of experience in the telecom industry, the company offers a no gimmick, simpler services to its consumers. Post Office Landline team of customer service experts are based in UK and, are highly trained to advise best options for the consumers. The company offers comprehensive telecommunication solutions and, its services are designed to save money for its consumers. The online website management gives its consumers even more control over its competitors.

With state of the art data centre, the Post Office group has highly trained team of professionals who are always focused and targeted to offer the best consumer service.