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Primus Business

Primus Business is encompassing all kind of telecommunication services providing landlines, broadband Internet and VOIP. The company’s account manager’s team and headquarters are located in the central London with its support services in Glasgow and Manchester. The Primus brand is operated and owned by New Call Telecom, an independent telecommunication service provider with more than fifteen years of experience in the relevant industry. The company has grown to serve more than 2 million customers and is one of the most advanced global telecom networks.

Primus Business European data and network management centre is based in central London which is operated 24 hours a day by their highly experienced engineers and supported by UK’s leading telecom carriers. The company endeavours to offer its consumers with an access of highest quality infrastructure and services such as VOIP, high speed Broadband connection and other emerging telecommunication products.

Unlike any other telecommunication service providers, Primus delivers high quality solutions for millions of customers in UK which includes small, medium, large and multi-national business enterprises as well as many households. The company brings facilities based networks, data centres, for the sophisticated line of telecommunication services to manage your data communication, e-business requirements and other telecommunication requirements. Primus brand has ownership interest in more than 23 transoceanic fibre optic cable systems in Asia-Pacific region, Europe, South and North America regions.

Primus Business’s consumers say it has been one affordable choice for Data and Voice needs. The company is helping its consumers and businesses to get more for less money with their telephone services. Fact is, the company is helping thousands of businesses to use their VOIP services which offer a competitive edge. Offering customer centric approach, it provides as on demand technical support, additional power request and equipment installation. At Primus, the consumers are offered reasonable pricing on all the schemes plus an ability to bundle all the long distance calls, Internet services and local calls into one easy reading invoice. To become a Primus customer is easy. It handles all the details online as well as on phone, your existing telephone number remains the same and more over the consumers can take benefit or combine it with the current or new schemes. Apart from this, for any other help whether it is technical or non-technical the customer call centres are functioning 365*24*7. The Primus Business brand is a complete telecommunication solution provider and its professionals are excelled and ready to meet your phone, VOIP, e-business, data and Internet broadband requirements.