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Royal Bank of Scotland

When the entire world is running behind money, it is only obvious that even you should take care of your finances. One of the best ways to earn interest without being drawn in to the risk of the financial markets is to put your money in the bank. The bank uses your money to invest in the capital market or to give out loans. Royal Bank of Scotland assure that you get a part of the interest that they earn, back as interest, in your account. In the modern day world, banks have not only become necessary for the financial needs of the commoners but also have become the engine pulling the economic functioning of any economy.

Royal Bank of Scotland plc along with NatWest and Ulster Bank provides financial services in the UK. This bank in fact is one of the retail banking subsidiaries of the Royal Bank of Scotland Group. The bank was established to prove that a bank could also be having strong Hanoverian and Whig ties. Royal Bank of Scotland provides its customers with all options like personal banking, private banking, corporate banking and business banking.

The personal banking section, besides providing you with the hallmark RBS service, provides you with facilities of current account, credit cards, loans and mortgages, insurance, savings and investment options and digital banking facilities. They also provide for your international travels and have carbon offset facilities. A very special feature of the personal account with Royal Bank of Scotland is the one that they provide for students, they entitle students to an over drafting facility of £ 2750 besides a lot of other options. You also get entitled to a fee free mortgage which allows you to switch over to any of the RBS mortgage schemes if the base rates rise during the repayment period, that too without repaying the earlier repayment charge.

The private accounts place you in a position from where you can enjoy all superior benefits that a bank could offer. The mortgage rates are designed specially for these set of customers. Besides, if you open a new savings account, you could be preferentially discriminating among the rates that they have to offer. The best feature of this account is perhaps the flexible options that Royal Bank of Scotland gives you to borrow money. There are options whereby you can take a loan on flexible interest rates and have facilities of over drafting or you could borrow on your credit card. Even the credit cards are of two types, the Private Banking Credit Card that provides enhanced security or the Black Credit cards that offer you a minimum loan amount of £ 15,000.

Business Banking and corporate banking provide you with huge saving offers, business class service that is meant for business persons or large companies. Mobile phone banking and bank account reserves are a couple of features of the business banking. The corporate account provides you with E-services and corporate finance. It has all that you need to have a MNC running!!