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Small Business Insurance Quote

Owning a small business is an adventure on its own. Whether you like it or not it has got its own risk which you have to take. But the pleasure is in the achievement and the thrill that comes from doing something on by yourself.

To protect yourself from the risks of your business and for peace of mind and for mandatory purposes Small Business Insurance is the best option. In this type of insurance there are four types of legal liabilities.

Public Liability : If your business activity causes injury, death or damage to property then the public liability will protect you against the claims of the party which was the victim. This type of insurance is not applicable to some types of business.

Employers Liability : In case your employee makes claims for accidents and sickness then employers liability helps in settling these claims.

Professional Indemnity Insurance : This coverage depends on the kind of profession. In accountancy taking PI insurance is mandatory. In IT consultancy the clients who are the third party insist that a PI cover is available.

Director's Insurance : This coverage helps limited company against ‘limit’ claims to its directors. Due to negligence the directors of these companies can be taken to court. This insurance protects them from the consequences.

Even though the above are the major coverages required. There are other types of insurance for small business. They are:
  1. Equipment Insurance - This helps business which uses equipments like computers for their everyday use. Sometimes these equipments are damaged due to accidents and replacement would cost several thousand pounds. This insurance helps in replacing costs of these equipments.
  2. Legal Expenses Insurance – This insurance takes care of the legal fees and court costs in the event of legal action against your business.
  3. Motor Insurance – This is used in Business which uses transport. If you are using your personal vehicle for business purpose then the insurance company should be informed of the change.
  4. Buildings & Contents Cover – Though standard insurance for office premises, its fixtures and fittings protect the structures, it is not so in the case where business is run from home. Hence it is important that the home insurance is extended to fit in the needs of the business.
Though insurance companies provide cover for all types of liabilities, majority of the insurance companies fail to insure themselves. Especially in case of employees demanding heavy discrimination claims against companies. Surveys have found out that less than 20% of the small Businesses have taken employment practices liability insurance to protect themselves against potential damages caused.

The next big draw back is the impact of United States business law on UK based businesses. Here the Directors and Officers of the company are sued against and have the risk of personal liability. Hence the Director’s Insurance would protect them against these risks.

With small business becoming more aware of the situation, they are looking at the risk management issues facing them. This would surely help the Small Business Insurance to gain favor with the passage of time.