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TalkTalk Broadband

TalkTalk is a public limited company founded in 2003 deals mainly in telecommunications. It is headquartered in London, United Kingdom. AOL Broadband and Talk Talk Business are its subsidiaries. TalkTalk earlier dealt with only fixed landline and provided it to its users but recently it has shifted to operating and selling broadband, mobile packages and home phone to its customer.

Opal Telecom was acquired in November 2002 by TalkTalk. The switching network owned by Carphone Warehouse provided access to BT Wholesale’s landline network. In the early phases of the company the emphasis was solely on landline calls. In fact, while advertising for itself the company competed with BT and mocked at its slogan. In November 2004, TalkTalk Broadband was launched but it was payable that point of time. Later on in April 2006, the free broadband offer was launched. The company slogan at that time was “Free Broadband Forever” which was criticised because of the claims which were far from truth.

Since the company was launched it provided both broadband and landline services.The company had purchased AOL Broadband services which were under AOL Broadband brand and thereafter TalkTalk customers also have the benefit of availing AOL content partnerships. Tiscali UK used to provide both telephone and broadband services. Until 7 January 2010, both these services could be available in a bundled form or separately. In December 2009 TalkTalk had a different take on the matter. They encouraged their customers who had only Broadband to take up telephone service as well or pay extra 5 pounds per month. TalkTalk website has Tiscali portal content but the company name was changed to TalkTalk.

TalkTalk claims to offer UK’s safest broadband. They call the package TalkTalk homesafe and it is considered to provide proper online protection to families. Internet security is not just a matter of choice but it’s the necessity. Online crime has increased manifold in recent times and nothing is safe anymore from bank details, identities, music, photos etc. Home safe and Sper Safe Boost protects our otherwise very vulnerable data online. Home Safe is for free for the users but Super Safe Boost costs around 2 pounds per month. Depending on the kind of package this safety feature can be obtained for free too.

TalkTalk also offers a variety of packages such as Essentials package, plus package, Fibre Optic broadband. TalkTalk plus provides fastest broadband, it also provides anytime UK landline calls. There is also free customer service available to users along with Home Safe online protection. Its Fibre Optic broadband comes for just 10 pounds per month on top of the normal package charges.