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Teacher Home Insurance

Norwich Union provides ‘Just for Teachers Insurance’ for teachers. The company believes that teachers are less likely to make claims than those in other jobs and hence they are provided with special benefits which suit the day-to-day lifestyle of teachers and lecturers.

The benefits of the insurance are no charge for paying monthly. There is no need to fill in forms for making claims. In case the insurance combines both building and contents then there is discount in that policy. Teachers who are above 50 or retired are also given discounts. There is 24 hour claims service and 24 hour helpline for identity theft.

The company also offers special extra benefits which are specially related to the teaching professions. These include cover for school property and personal items at home or work.

Norwich also offers cash back on £50 on Car Insurance and on £50 on home insurance. £100 cash back in case both insurance are taken and an extra 10% discount.

The company also provides help lines which are available from morning 8 a.m. to night 8 p.m. This helps the policyholders to contact for claims and clear other doubts about their insurance policies.

Teachers Home Insurance is the best way to say we care for people who care for our precious little children. Teachers please avail these offers and help yourselves.