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Tesco is a huge name and today it operates in 15 markets across Asia, Europe and North America. It is big retailer offering everything from groceries and clothing, insurance to broadband. The packages offer great value for money. The company has a strong foundation based in UK and with that support it has strengthened world-wide with its improvement strategies. The aim to grow and to develop a core business in UK is as relevant today as it was in the year 1997. The company still holds a big chunk in the market share particularly United Kingdom where it engenders almost 75%.

Tesco started its telecommunication services in the year 2004, when its initial offering was about phone lines. In the year 2009 Tesco went into the partnership with Cables and Wireless and was named as an established telecommunication firms in the industry.

Tesco has the best telecommunication network in Ireland and UK. The company offers comprehensive coverage of the United Kingdom’s population without spending a dime on the infrastructure. The company focuses on providing the best deals, practical tariff plans. It has over 2.7 million consumers covering the UK part. The company offers a wide range of phones which are available on “Pay as you go” and “Pay monthly” plans. With these two money saving option plans, the company allows its consumers to take line rental, broadband and home phone calls on low bill. Another package that start from as low as 8 pounds is weekend and evening call plan and another is anytime call plan for just 12 pounds while comparing with others which is quite low.

Tesco customer call centres are UK based and its customer calling and technical support are free during the plan period plus they are functional 24*7 and 365 days. A hassle free service is what its consumer’s reviews show. The line rental offered is also cheaper than most of the telecommunication providers. The best part for signing up for the line rental is, the consumer get a free pre-figured wireless router. As the part of Tesco catalogue of the products, the consumers can also collect Club card points on their bills, offering one point for every 1 pound spent. Providing the diverse array of customer services and incentives, the company has made a positive impact on overall satisfaction and consumer advocacy with its telecommunication services in the UK market.