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Tesco Breakdown Cover

Car breakdowns are ordinarily a major nightmare, but it need not be that way; especially not when you are secure in the knowledge that you car has been covered for breakdowns by a reliable breakdown cover provider like Tesco.

Tesco Breakdown Cover offers three levels of coverage. Thus, if you are looking to save on the money factor, you should go in for the Standard Care package. If you want something more intensive, then the Extra Care package would be a good choice. And if you are looking for overall coverage against breakdowns, go in for the Total Care option. The last of these is in fact quite a steal if you compare the £55 price with the prices charged by other breakdown cover providers in the market.

Like other car Breakdown Cover providers, Tesco breakdown cover promises to send roadside assistance to you within the span of 40 minutes. But there is more. They are willing to pay you £10 if they do not stick to their promise of making it within the above-mentioned time span. Looks like pizza retailers are not the only ones promising discounts if they do not get to you on time. And Tesco claims to repair 80 percent of breakdowns on the road itself.

You don't have to keep an eye out for callout or mileage charges when you are dealing with Tesco breakdown cover. Plus, if you buy Tesco Breakdown Cover between 10th January and 2nd April, 2008, you can avail of a fabulous 30 percent discount. So start saving now!