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Tesco Credit Card

Tesco is one of the leading Insurance Companies in United Kingdom. There are about 22 financial products and more than 5 billion policy holders who make Tesco a success story in UK. Their innovative approach to finance has earned them a high reputation in the Finance sector.

Tesco was started in 1997 as a joint venture between Tesco plc and Royal Bank of Scotland. The combination of two majors created a brand that became a major player in the financial services industry. The company has an understanding of their policy holderÂ’s wants and most of the finance and insurance plans are convenient, simple and have a value for money.

Tesco Credit Cards have also gained popularity like other insurance and financial products.

Tesco Credit Cards provide the following benefits
  • 12 months of balance transfers with 0% and 2.5% fee
  • For Tesco Purchases 12 months of 0%
  • 0% on Tesco purchases for 12 months
  • APR is 16.9% which is variable
There are three types of Tesco Cards namely club card, bonus card and business card

Club Card

This card has all the benefits mentioned above along with 0% on non-Tesco purchase and APR of 14.9%

Bonus Card

This card has fuel rewards. 2p can be saved on purchase of 1 liter of petrol or diesel. The APR here is 13.9%

Business Card

This has all the benefits of the above two cards.

The special benefits of Tesco Card are travel money benefits, summer exclusives and other offers on Tesco financial products and loans.

With all these benefits who would not opt for Tesco Credit Card.