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Ulster Bank

Banks, however much we complain about their interest rates paid, are undoubtedly a breathtaking invention of the modern world. The very concept of putting money in a place from where those who need can borrow and pay the interest rate as an opportunity cost to the bank and the lenders in turn is a great one!! It helps the economy from running in to conditions of excess money supply and generates the money multiplier.

The Ulster Bank was founded in Belfast, Northern Ireland in 1836. Today, it is one of the four major banks running in the Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland. The bank runs its operations in UK and the Isles of Man also. The Ulster Bank is held in ownership by the Royal Bank of Scotland. So, being a customer of this bank means that you are a customer of the sixth largest financial institution in Europe and of the second largest in Europe.

Ulster Bank offers to its customers, options of personal banking, banking for small businesses and Corporate Markets Banking. Like all other banks Ulster Bank is also extremely student friendly but unlike all others, they offer to the students opening a new account in their bank, an amount of €100 in their accounts. The students can also request an overdraft up to an amount of €650 at 0% APR on opening the account. In fact, with completion of years of being their customer, the over drafting limit goes on increasing. Ulster Bank also offer special cash cards for students and have facilities like students credit cards, student loans and can also arrange for students travel loans. Professional packages are also available for students pursuing their careers in dentistry, medicine, law, accountancy, pharmacy, physiotherapy, optometry and veterinary services. Students also have access to their accounts round the clock. They also take care of basic student needs like a mobile phone, game stations, and makeovers and so on and offer huge discount on such deals!

There are options of graduate current accounts, fee free current accounts and ufirst current accounts also. Loans and mortgages are available with Ulster Bank at competitive rates. You could get loans for buying a car, a home or even for home improvement and personal purposes. The best part is that you could secure your loans with their loan protection plan as well. Mortgaging facilities have something for everyone, whether you are a first time buyer or are an old customer- there is some scheme tailor made for you!

Ulster Bank provides loans for small business ventures and allows business current account facilities along with options of business cards and payment options on cards. Small scale business loans are available at just 4.95% APR. You have special business deposit accounts too with special interest rates and minimum deposit amounts on each account that you might want to opt for. If you are a corporate customer, you are provided with options of international services, wealth management, investment options and treasury risk balancing ideas.