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Virgin Media Broadband

Virgin Media is a public company which deals in Media and telecommunication mainly. It was founded in 2006 and is headquartered in Hook, United Kingdom. Its executive office lies in New York. This company serves the whole of United Kingdom. The merger of two companies namely NTL and Telewest changed the name to NTL:Telewest. Then the company further merged with Virgin Mobile UK to get a new name as Virgin Media. It was the first “quadruple play” media company which brought together television, internet, mobile phone and fixed-line telephone services. Virgin media has its own network of fibre-optic cable in UK.

Virgin Broadband includes both cable and non-cable broadband connections. Fibre Optic broadband doesn’t necessarily mean fibre to the home service in case of Virgin Broadband. Virgin Broadband means all three NTL’s cable-broadband operations, Blueyonder and is an ADSL broadband connection which is without a cable. In July 2009 and 2010, Ofcom broadband speed test was conducted and Virgin Media Broadband came out on top. The companies participated in the test were all the big ones with varying distance of the lines. Up to 8mb speed is supported by individual’s phone line. The test had shown that Virgin Media Broadband’s speeds were closest to the speeds it claimed to offer. They further progressed with reached as far as possible with their broadband network. There were some area where even BT couldn’t reach and had no plans too. Thus using the infrastructure owned by BT Virgin media took the plunge to expand its broadband to these areas. After the roll out Virgin Media had announced 100 Mbit/s downstream rate and 10 Mbit/s upstream rate. The areas which were first served were London, Yorkshire and the South East.

The various packages offered to cabled areas were L, XL, XXL and 100. The downstream and upstream speeds vary according to the package. The L package gives as much as 10 Mbit/s whereas 100 gives 100 Mbit/s. Similarly upstream also varies according to the packages varying from 1 Mbit/s to 10 Mbit/s. There is no throttling threshold for downstream for XXL and 100 packages. The equipments are owned by Virgin media which includes the routers and cable modems.

Virgin Media is UK’s one of the fastest broadband service provider. One can start paying as low as 5 pounds a month. Virgin Media Broadbandprovides special packages for students with as less as 9 months contract. If ordered online the students get the benefit of free activation.