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Vonage Landline

Vonage Landline is the prominent name in providing inexpensive telecommunication services worldwide. The company’s name itself explains their motto “Voice over net-age”. The company initially started offering its services throughout United States and eventually expanded in Canada and then in United Kingdom. At present, Vonage has over 2.4 million subscriber’s lines. The company offers affordable communication solutions along with portability, flexibility and ease of use. One of the major reasons of why Vonage is much popular is that it has several features in combination with present traditional landline phone services which are offered at lower rates.

With a booming business with huge turnovers, Vonage is competitive and acknowledged market leader amongst several giant telecommunication providers. Their subscribers receive the state of the art system along with the guaranteed savings of 50% on the bill.

Vonage Landline plan offers unlimited calling in more than sixty countries with a popular feature of call forwarding, call waiting, voicemail, emergency calling, called ID with name, do not disturb, low monthly rates etc. Vonage phone line services are sold over the Internet and also through national and regional retailers. Thus, it makes it feasible for the consumers to get in touch without any hassles.

With the introduction of Vonage World Calling Plan with unlimited calling for a flat monthly rate, it is giving a tough time to its competitors in the telecommunication industry. This application plan works on devices like Blackberry, Android, Ios, Ipad Touch, and iPhone. It normally costs $25/month. This Landline plan offers free activation with its necessary equipment with no annual contract and comes with 30 days money back guarantee. Vonage consumers opt for Vonage since; it is an economical choice, for those people whose family members are residing in different parts of the countries, international businesses and for those members who like to talk endlessly on telephone. Vonage stays one step ahead and is amongst the first one to introduce VOIP calls to Europe and other countries world-wide.

Vonage Landline’s customer call centre operates 24*7 and 365 days. The professionals are at help whenever their customers have any queries to ask. Visiting Vonage website, the consumers can learn the latest updates, products and services. Other than this, the website also has trouble shooting tips, online installation assistance, user guides, video tutorials etc. The Vonage Landline consumers have the facility to pay their bills online plus they can read their bills and understand the fees and taxes, changing of rate plan, switching to another landline plan etc. can be easily done online. So no matter, wherever you are, you can easily stay connected to our family and friends.